Phone Apps

Here are some helpful phone apps on a variety of topics. Many are available for both iOS and Android.

Virtual Hope Box – combination of distraction, inspiration quotes, coping tools, and relaxation (iOS / Android)

Pacifica – includes daily tools for stress and anxiety management using CBT skills; includes meditation exercises, thought diary, etc. (iOS / Android)

Guided Mind – a collection of guided meditations that aim to help deal with stresses of day-to-day life (with meditations available for free or for purchase) (iOS / Android)

Breathe2Relax – stress management tool which provides information on the effects of stress on the body and instructions to practice diaphragmatic breathing exercise (iOS / Android)

Breathing Zone ($3.99) – therapeutic breathing exercise that helps slow breathing, reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and decrease heart rate (iOS / Android)

Chill – daily mindfulness quotes and reminders (iOS / Android)

Simply Being – guided meditation for relaxation and presence; includes music, nature, and/or voice (iOS / Android)

Mindfulness Coach – developed by Veterans Affairs to teach people how to practice mindfulness (iOS)

Stop, Breathe, and Think – simple tool to guide people through various meditations for mindfulness and compassion (iOS / Android)

Headspace – guided-meditation app that helps achieve mindfulness (or a nonjudgmental, focused awareness of one’s current emotional state) (iOS / Android)

Meditation Studio ($2.99) – in-depth app that includes step-by-step guidance and courses in meditation, as well as a large library of guided meditations for many topics (iOS)

MyCalmBeat – an app that helps improve your ability to manage stress through slow breathing (iOS / Android)

MindShift – an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with various types of anxiety (including test anxiety, perfectionism, panic, social anxiety, worry, conflict, etc.) (iOS / Android)

Calm – free app for mini relaxation sessions (iOS / Android)

Relax Melodies — an app designed to help you combine a variety of sounds to better sleep and relax, including various white noise options (iOS / Android)

Optimism – mood-tracking app for people with depression, bipolar disorder, and those simply looking to brighter their days (iOS)

Happify – series of activities and games that train your brain and build skills for lasting happiness (helps overcome negative thoughts, worries, and everyday stress) (iOS / Android)

Wysa – your happiness coach. This is an anonymous AI robot / chatbox who reacts to your emotions and helps provide you with tools to deal with anxiety, stress, low mood, anger, and sleep problems. It uses tools from CBT, mindfulness, breathing, and yoga (iOS / Android)

Moodtrack – an app designed to track your mood as often or little as you’d like to see how it changes over time and to discover triggers (iOS / Android)

iMoodJournal – this is a personal mood journal, diary, and charting tool that can help you discover the causes of you ups and downs (iOS / Android)

Mood Coach – developed by Veterans Affairs and can be used for mood monitoring and selecting and scheduling rewarding activities (behavioral activation for depression) (iOS)

MoodTools – provides six evidence-based tools to aid against depression and negative moods. Includes depression information, a depression test, videos, thought diary, activities, and safety plan. (iOS / Android)

Moving Forward – developed by Veterans Affairs for anyone dealing with stressful life problems, including balancing school/work/family life, financial difficulties, relationships problems, etc. (iOS)

CBT-I Coach – developed by Veterans Affairs for those who have insomnia or would like to improve their sleep habits (iOS / Android)

PTSD Coach – developed by Veterans Affairs and can be helpful for anyone dealing with trauma and anxiety (iOS / Android)

Therapy Buddy – helps you get the most out of your therapy sessions by reminding you of appointments, takeaways form session, homework, etc. (iOS / Android)

Parenting2Go – developed by Veterans Affairs and comes with quick parenting advice, relaxation tools when frustrated or stressed, and communication tools (iOS)

Curable – app that combines modern neuroscience research and mind-body tools for dealing with chronic pain and fatigue (iOS / Android)

ACPA Pain Logs – app that helps you track of pain, stress, sleep, exercise, medication side effects, and so forth (iOS / Android)

Pain Coach – WebMD app that offers a holistic approach to balancing lifestyle with chronic pain conditions and to inspire a better day (iOS / Android)

iHeadache – app that helps you track your headaches, in order to learn more about triggers, medication usage, etc. (iOS)

Concussion Coach – developed by Veterans Affairs for those who experience physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms that may be related to mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (iOS)

Lumosity – offers fun games aimed at building brainpower (iOS / Android)

Clue – helps track your period, menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility, mood, and much more (iOS / Android)

Life – helps track your period, menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility, mood, and much more (iOS)

MediSafe – a “virtual pillbox” to help with medication management (iOS / Android)